Profits From Pinterest

Discover The Power of Pinterest & Drive Mass Traffic To Your Offer

Pinterest is a visual search engine used by more than 450+ million users every month

Pinterest is 100% free to advertise your offer to any businesses.
Studies have shown that Pinterest is much more effective at driving sales than other forms of social media.
Pinterest powers more income per click for eCommerce sites than Facebook or Twitter.

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Introducing Profits From Pinterest

What exactly is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual social media platform where users can create and share pins, create boards, and shop. The benefits of using Pinterest for business include brand exposure and a wider potential customer base. Pinterest is a HOT market for selling!

You probably started your online journey with the goal of making some money somewhere down the line.

And when it comes to making money online, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to turn traffic into cash.

But affiliate marketing is only a viable strategy if you can find quality products that your visitors are interested in

Whether you want to promote physical products or digital products, or big brands or small brands, you’ll find an affiliate platform on this list that can connect you to something that fits.

What gives Pinterest its value?

Free Traffic

Drive traffic to your offer. Pinterest has the ability to drive massive amounts of traffic to your website through inbound links


Search Engine

As much as Pinterest may seem like any other social media platform, it actually works as a search engine but for images. Think of a Google Search.

Greater conversions

Pinterest acts as an information source for most of its users when they are about to make a purchase. Remember it’s like a search engine where users are doing their research before making a decision.

Target Audience

Pinterest has the ability to target market a specific group of people you want to reach and who are more likely customers of a business


With over 235 million monthly international users, Pinterest can open your business up to millions of new customers.

Pinterest can boost your exposure to new customers

Pinterest is one of the Internet's largest image-based social networking site that not only offers a unique approach to the way that people communicate, but it offers incredible potential to maximize your business exposure and brand awareness.

Even those who held no interest in other types of social media sites have jumped on board Pinterest simply because it offers a very innovative method to share and communicate with others who hold the same interests.

Visitor’s to Pinterest are interested in exploring relevant content pertaining to their interests, and while many of the Pinterest pages are designed around specific brands, physical products and collectibles, you can easily create popular Pinterest pages around your offers, just by helping members discover your very own “themed” image collections.

Publish High-Converting
Viral Marketing With Pinterest

Pinterest is truly the most visual-oriented social networking site, making it easy to create attractive pin boards that will attract attention from potential customers.

Pinterest will work for ANY business, however with a bit of creativity, you can take full advantage of the popularity of Pinterest to promote nearly any other business type.

It can unlock a goldmine of traffic for your business website or blog and drive targeted traffic and potential customers to your business just using Pinterest.

The Bottom Line?

Turns out that getting tons of traffic and even making money from Pinterest is more than just an urban myth – it is happening to smart bloggers all over the world.

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Shop Anywhere With Pinterest

Training Tips With Pinterest

Business For Pinterest

Now you can create any kind of Pinterest boards and pins pages for your business


Pinterest has 23 million Gen Z users


2022 revenue increased 9% year over year to $2,803 million


Pinterest had 435 million monthly active users

Pinterest's Top Categories:





Financial Services

Food and drink




When it comes to making money from your Pinterest, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to turn traffic into cash.

Now you can create almost any kind of marketing pages for your business in WordPress.


Here are some remarkable statistics about Pinterest

Pinterest annual revenue for 2022 was $2.951B

Millions of dollars have been invested in Pinterest during a short period of time in order to give outstanding benefits to you and your business.

Pinterest annual revenue for 2022 was $2.803B, an 8.71% increase from 2021 and Pinterest revenue in 2024 was even stronger .

Most of Pinterest’s revenue comes from the United States. It generated over $2 billion of its 2023 revenue from the US.

Pinterest has over 450 million monthly active users

Pinterest had 450 million active users at the end of 2022, an increase of 4.4% on the previous year.

Monthly active users in 2020 = 416 million
Monthly active users in 2021 = 454 million
Monthly active users in 2022 = 450 million
Monthly active users in 2023 = 465 million

Pinterest has the highest ACSI score

ACSI is the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Pinterest had the highest score with 77/100, only one place behind YouTube.

Pinterest continues to deliver an exceptional customer experience and ranks highest for providing a level of advertising that is most acceptable to users

85% of weekly users have made a purchase from Pinterest pins

A whopping 85% of Pinterest's users have made a purchase based on a pin they saw from a brand.

Creating the right boards that feature your products can help you get them in front of even more users, increasing the chances someone makes a purchase.

Over 70% of Pinterest users are women

So, who is using this image-based social network? Mostly women it seems. According to new figures sourced via Google Ad Planner, Pinterest's user base is made up of over 70% of women.

5 billion monthly searches

Pinterest is essentially a visual search engine. And this is proven by the massive 5 billion monthly searches that occur on the platform.

Pinterest SEO is a big part of success—using keywords in your pins, boards, profile and more. This can help make sure your pins show up better in search results.

97% of searches are unbranded

Nearly all searches on Pinterest are unbranded. This means people are searching for things like “eLearning courses” or “floral wall art” rather than specific brands.

This presents a great opportunity for your brand to be discovered. Pinners aren’t loyal to a single brand and instead are hoping to find new brands and products they can buy from.

5 billion monthly searches

Pinterest is essentially a visual search engine. And this is proven by the massive 5 billion monthly searches that occur on the platform.

Pinterest SEO is a big part of success—using keywords in your pins, boards, profile and more. This can help make sure your pins show up better in search results.

5th most popular social commerce platform

Pinterest is the 5th most popular social commerce platform

The top five most popular social media platforms where online shoppers are most likely to make a purchase are:

Messaging apps

Sell your products or offers on some of the biggest platforms in the world, and then drive FREE traffic with Pinterest

 Profits From Pinterest Comes With PLR Rights So You Can Even Sell This Product On Pinterest!

Over 96 million active Etsy buyers worldwide

35 million users learning new skills

On average JVZoo users have made 6085 sales per day

Over 187 million eBay users worldwide

200 million customers spread across 190 countries

Over 3.42 million active buyers

Established digital business community since 2006

Over 5 million users and 6,000 teacher contributors

Pinterest is one of the best platforms to promote your brand. You need to connect your Pinterest profile to some of the biggest websites on the internet such as;


Sell your products in front of 445M+ people on Pinterest. It's where they go to find ideas to try and buy.


Claim your website or blog to get access to Pinterest analytics for the Pins that you publish from your website or blog


Create an eBay trigger, and watch the magic happen automatically in your Pinterest account


Almost every type of business can benefit from using Pinterest's to promote their eCommerce platform.


Pinterest is available across all Apple devices and you connect your Pinterest to apple store

Social Media

You can avoid the difficulty of having your fans find your Pins by simply adding your favorites and most popular Pins to your social media platforms


When users click on an Amazon ad on Pinterest, they’ll be taken directly to Amazon to make the purchase



You can only link a personal Facebook profile to a Pinterest account. This will give you even more free traffic to your offers

Here Is What Is Included

Pinterest Training Guide
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A 56-page comprehensive training guide in getting you started to profit from Pinterest. 

Find out why Pinterest is one of the best social media platforms to grow brand awareness and promote your products and services. Learn how you can utilise Pinterest to reach more people and increase website traffic

Pinterest Email Course
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An full email course of a series of lessons that can be delivered via email over a predetermined period.

At the end of these lessons, the aim is to invite your prospects to purchase your product or service, by showing them how it can help them with the particular topic that this email course focuses on.

This Pinterest email course comes in both word doc format and text document

20 Ideal Pins
with PLR Rights

Creating consistent Idea Pins will, in turn, bring an increase in followers and views of your other content – it's a win-win!

The brilliant thing about this type of pin is that they get much better short-term reach than standard pins, they can reach thousands of people in the space of just a few days!

A complete set of editable PowerPoints
With PLR Rights

You will be able to quickly and safely grow a huge army of potential clients or customers 100% targeted to your business.

Pinterest has the amazing ability to share specifically how other businesses have seen great results using Pinterest.

You can use theses PowerPoint as you wish.

100 Nature Pin Videos
with PLR Rights

Pinterest video pins are a highly effective way to tell a story, teach something, inspire, or share beautiful content in a matter of seconds.

When it comes to Pinterest, there is no question video pins are the superstars right now with increasing engagement and popularity.

Video pins have continued to explode in popularity on Pinterest, and they have fast become the most efficient way to reach a broad audience and receive engagement at the same time.

A set of Info Quotes

Pinterest quotes are about to become your most-valuable content hack!

 According to Pinterest Trends, there’s been a recent spike in users searching for “change quotes”, “happiness quotes”, “positive quotes”, and “inspirational quotes” to save to their boards. And on-the-pulse brands are taking notice of this trend.

You may have seen brands posting quotes on Instagram and Facebook.

But the trend doesn’t stop there — more and more businesses are using Pinterest as another high-traffic social platform to share their branded quotes too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't Pinterest just for women?

Nope, not at all. While women account for over 70% of registered Pinterest users, plenty of men use it as well.

It's up to you to post content to Pinterest and in turn, find your core audience -- men, women, older generations, students, professionals, etc are using Pinterest for business to help drive traffic to their site or product to bring in leads, and boost sales.

Will more people use Pinterest in the long run or is it just a fad?

Heck yeah they will. As mentioned, the site has millions of devoted followers. It's also popular no matter what time of day it is. For example, 4.8% of users check their Pinterest at work.

Will more people use Pinterest in the long run or is it just a fad?

Of course they will! As mentioned, the site has millions of devoted followers. It's also popular no matter what time of day it is. For example, 4.8% of users check their Pinterest at work.

what am I supposed to be pinning on Pinterest?

Almost anything you can pin on Pinterest. But, before you start pinning, you should to be thinking about your strategy for visual content.

Our training guides give you the perfect proven ideas

How do I contact Pinterest

You can contact their support by filling in the form on this page: .

Can you send a private message on Pinterest?

Yes, you can send, receive messages, respond to messages and share Pins and boards with other people on Pinterest.

Are pictures in Pinterest free?

Pinterest is not the copyright holder in the images that users pin on the site. Where necessary, you should get permission to use an image from its copyright owner.

Can you tell if someone unfollowed you on Pinterest?

The unfollow action is private and will not be visible to the person you have unfollowed. However, if they notice that you are no longer engaging with their content or boards, they may realize that you have unfollowed them. But Pinterest does not send any notifications to the person when someone unfollows them.

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