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3D Modelling Softwares

3D sophisticated modelling software.

These very easy to use but very powerful software suites for 3D Modelling and Animation. Powerful ray tracing and rendering tools are perfect for computer generated still and animated movies.

Choose between Art of Illusion, Blender, K-3D, Sweet Home 3D or Human Model 3D. What ever your 3D graphics need you will find exactly the software you need from our 3D modelling pages. Most softwares are Windows and Mac OS-X

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Science & Astronomy

A powerful choice of planetarium and Astronomy programs.

Use one of the planetarium programs to find out what the sky will look like tonight, or even in the past or future. Take a trip through the solar system with our space simulator. Explore the Moon using the Virtual Moon Atlas.

What does your future hold? Why not find out with the Astrology program.

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Graphics & Photo Editing Software

Grab one of these brilliant PhotoShop alternatives.

Simple to use software programs to the more complex and sophisticated programs.

Digital Artist is an easy graphics solution for digital painter that combines speed with ease of use. 

Kids will love Tux Paint and 2D pencil, while Inkscape and PC Paint can compete with far pricier options.

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Great games at great prices!

Whether you like the calm and sophistication of Chess, Scrabble or Backgammon why not try the computer versions of these perennial favourites.

If racing and smash them up games are more your thing than check out X-Speed Racer or Brutal Vehicle Testing Simulator for Windows and Mac OS-X.

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Small Office Home Office SOHO

The one thing that you can say about the Office Suites and programs from the big boys is that they are really expensive. Improve your typing skills

Instead, use one of these powerful yet economical alternative to the overpriced options.

LibreOffice is a fully functioning office suite, for your accounts there is a choice of GNU Cash or Turbo Cash alternatives Sage.

Desktop Publishing needs try Scribes.

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Audio Visual

Audio Visual programs include:

A screen recorder for screen capture video.

Audacity sound recording software.

DVD authoring program for compiling your own DVD's.

Virtual Piano for the musical amongst us.

Graphic Equaliser to process your recorded sounds

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Interested in building your own web pages? Then use the Website design Suite to upload to your hosting using the FTP client software.

WordPress your thing then the package of 100 WordPress Themes is for you.

Download up to 500% faster with X-Treme Download Manager.

Password Manager protect your important files.

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The best utilities are essentials for most people.

Ebook Converter with convert between multiple formats.

CD to MP3 Converter

Hard Disk Eraser.

Dos Box

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Computer Aided Design

A range of Computer Aided Design programs to cover all your design needs.

LibreCad, Easy Cad and BRL Cad will cover all your technical requirements and needs.

Whilst Brick Builder will keep the kids of all ages happy building Lego models.

X-Track can is a brilliant package that will appeal to model railway enthusiasts when designing layouts


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